Hello, my name is Becky Parisotto.

I'm Becky, and I love to eat. Correction; I love to cook, and create, and train to burn it off and EAT! What will you find here? Recipes that are clean(ish), tried and tested to make fuel delicious. You will also find recipes that ain't clean at all, but so good that they MUST be shared and eaten.

Who am I? I'm a half mutt, half Italian chick that lives in the kitchen, experimenting, eating and (forcing) serving my creations to others! My food is inspired by my roots and my desire to perform when it comes to physical activities. Eat for your goals, but enjoy every bite. I'm not a cook, a chef, a dietitian, a guru, or a pro in any way shape or form. I'm just a broad that likes to cook and loves to eat.


Photo credit: http://thuytran.photography/